‘HaAretz HaMuvtahat’   [2010-2017]


The ‘HaAretz HaMuvtahat’ project (an expression taken from the language spoken by Jesus Christ, the Aramaic, literally meaning ‘the Promised Land’) is a remembrance of biblical landscapes photographed  under the relentless filter of contemporary conjunctures such as globalization, the consumer society, hyper-technology, mass tourism or even the devastation of war.


Performed during seven years throughout seven countries (Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Turkey) and documenting some of the most ancient villages and cities of the human history continuously inhabited such as Jerusalem, Damascus, Beirut, Biblos, Nazaret, Bethlem or  Jericó,  HaAretz HaMuvtahat  is  intended to be a reflection on the possible evolution (or involution) of an ancestral region, cradle of civilizations and also on the ferocious power of the binomial capitalism-technology that reigns in the current horizon of postmodernity.

‘Ha Aretz’   [2010-2017]

Dimensions 40x40cm / 60x60cm / 80x80cm

Giclée printing on  Baryta Fine Art paper

Edition of 5

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